You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.
— C.S. Lewis
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we are Leadership Growth Partners.

Leadership Growth Partners (LGP) is a leadership development organization dedicated to the growth of individuals, teams, and organizations. We believe that growth starts from within and that when individuals choose growth over perfection or complacency, they free themselves up to become better versions of themselves in service of having a more positive impact on the world. We create the space that gives people the opportunity to do just that.



We believe the best investment you can make is in growth. Find out why we are so passionate about the concept of ownership, the pursuit of progress, and the fight against perfectionism.


LGP offers a variety of services, designed to create spaces that give people the opportunity to grow. We help leaders and teams develop talent, build relationships, and work better together.


Here at Leadership Growth Partners, we are nothing if not vulnerable. We believe that vulnerability is the cornerstone of identity and a prerequisite to courage. Hear our stories here.


our mission

to help individuals recognize and harness the power within themselves to intentionally build lives worth living

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