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If life has taught us nothing else, it is that there is no destination. The work and joy and pain and success is all found in the journey itself if we are willing to look for it there. The goal of all of our coaching tracks - executive, professional, vocational, life - is to help people grow in an effort to build more intentional, meaningful lives that contribute to their legacy.

Our style is simple, unique, and effective: we walk next to you. Instead of pulling from ahead or pushing from behind, we walk beside you on your growth journey, providing practical tools, purposeful accountability, and reminders to celebrate the wins along the way. We believe that one of the best investments you can make is in yourself, and we’d love to help you realize that opportunity. Schedule a needs assessment with us today!



Team Development

Contrary to popular belief, team is not simply getting a group of people in the same place and asking them to get something done. Team is a strategic, intentional choice where members are investing in and supporting their peers in an effort to do good work together. It starts with trust, is fueled by productive conflict, elevated through feedback, and leads to results that reflect the success of the team rather than individuals.

As author Ken Blanchard pens, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” Through a series of development sessions, team members will learn to understand and leverage one another in the pursuit towards true collaboration and teamwork. Reach out to learn more or schedule time to evaluate the needs of your team. We look forward to helping you take your team to the next level!

“Office Hours”

Growing the individuals and teams in an organization inevitably leads to a more high functioning, more enlightened business. Companies that build a culture of learning empower their members to invest their talents and gifts in making better decisions.

Enter Office Hours.

For a monthly fee, a development coach will come on-site at your organization in and for the frequency you desire. During that time, any employee has the opportunity to come utilize development opportunities. From clarifying values + purpose work to developing and enhancing leadership skills to facilitating difficult conversations and more, having a coach helping your organization grow from the inside out will lead to a more productive, effective, and efficient workforce.




Self-awareness is key to development, as is having the language to be able to communicate strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, perspectives, gifts, and opportunities. Using an assessment as a baseline gives members of an organization a mutually understood vocabulary to have more productive conversations, work through conflict, solve hard problems, and make better decisions.

Certified in a number of personality, occupational, and behavioral assessments, LGP can help you identify which assessment would best serve your needs and develop a plan to use it organizationally.