“I am doing so well on my life journey. I am proud of myself.”

Over the weekend in the busy of rushing around, I ended up in my office for a moment thinking I could get a few things done before I really started my day. As I was waiting for my computer to reboot, I looked over and noticed affirmation cards I bought earlier this year while on vacation. I decided to pull one out and read it before I got started on “real work.” When I read the message, I paused for a moment and said “Hmm!”

The affirmation card read: I am doing so well on my life journey. I am proud of myself.I decided instead of just reading it and putting it back in the deck as I often do, I would actually think about and reflect on the message for a few minutes.  

As you know from previous blogs, I am working hard on living in the power of the pause. This means not rushing through to the next thing but actually being present and taking in all that is happening in the moment. With the help of meditation and my amazing friends and family, this has become part of how I am trying to live my life.

Now… back to the card. As I reflected, I did an inventory of the last year and realized that yes, I am doing well. I successfully launched my new business and am really enjoying what I am creating – yay! I am teaching my daughter how to drive and have kept our relationship intact throughout the process. (It’s a good thing I already have grey hair.) My personal relationships are flourishing, and I feel loved.   

Today I will be grateful for where I am and how I am doing. I am going to appreciate that I am enough, just as I am, exactly where I am right now.  

Dear readers, in the midst of your busy day, I want to encourage you to stop for a few minutes to recognize and appreciate all that you have created and overcome in your own life journey. What would it look like if you paused for a brief period and could sit with “Yes… I am proud of myself and yes… I am enough!”?



Barbara Leahy